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Nat King Cole - Sweet Lorraine Complete Early Transcriptions
Label: Vintage Jazz Band   Label-Nummer: VJC-1026/27/28/29-2
Recording: 1938-41   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 4
Anita BoyerUSvoc,
Nat King ColeUSp, voc,
Ida JamesUSvoc,
Johnny MillerUSb,
Oscar MooreUSg,
Anita O'DayUSvoc,
Wesley PrinceUSb,
1Mutiny In The Nursery1938-41
2F.D.R. Jones1938-41
3The Sheik Of Araby1938-41
4The Blue Danube1938-41
5Button Button1938-41
6Jingle Bells1938-41
7Swanee River1938-41
8With Plenty Of Money And You1938-41
9Don't Blame Me1938-41
10Lullaby In Rhythm1938-41
11Dark Rapture1938-41
12By The River Sainte Marie1938-41
13The Wiggly Walk1938-41
14Flea Hop1938-41
16Patty Cake, Patty Cake1938-41
17Blue Skies1938-41
19Three Blind Mice1938-41
21There's No Anesthetic For Love1938-41
22Dixie Jamboree1938-41
24Riffin' At The Barbecue1938-41
25Harlem Swing1938-41
26I Lost Control Of Myself1938-41
27The Land Of Make Believe1938-41
28That "Please Be Mineable" Feeling1938-41
29Dancing In The Street1938-41
30You're So Different1938-41
31Let's Get Happy1938-41
33'Tain't What You Do1938-41
34Do You Wanna Jump Children?1938-41
35Riffin' In F Minor1938-41
36Old Man Mose1938-41
37Blue Lou1938-41
39Russian Lullaby1938-41
40Georgie Porgie1938-41
41The Limp1938-41
42Snug As A Bug In A Rug1938-41
44Fidgety Joe1938-41
45Two Against One1938-41
46Some Like It Hot1938-41
47I Like To Riff1938-41
48Crazy Rhythm1938-41
50Don't Let That Moon Get Away1938-41
51My Blue Heaven1938-41
52I Was Doing All Right1938-41
53I Can't Get Started1938-41
54Old Man Moon1938-41
55Carry Me Back To Old Virginny1938-41
56Moon Song1938-41
57Baby Won't You Please Come Home1938-41
58Sweet Lorraine1938-41
61You're My Life1938-41
62Hoy Soy1938-41
63Black Spider Stomp1938-41
64Take 'Em1938-41
66Rhythm Serenade1938-41
67Rib Town Shuffle1938-41
68Music'll Chase Your Blues Away1938-41
69I'll Gather Up My Memories1938-41
70A Fool's Affair1938-41
71Jump, Jack, Jump1938-41
72I Knew A Time1938-41
73Mine You'll Always Be1938-41
74Doin' The Bow Wow1938-41
75Lilla Mae1938-41
76Slew Foot Joe1938-41
78Crazy 'Bout Rhythm1938-41
79Off The Beam1938-41
80King Cole Blues1938-41
81Jivin' With The Notes1938-41
82Early Morning Blues1938-41
83Bedtime (Sleepy Moan)1938-41
84Honey Hush1938-41
85French Toast1938-41
86Vine Street Jump1938-41
87B Flat1938-41
88You Send Me1938-41
89Love Is My Alibi1938-41
90Pogo Stick Bounce1938-41
91Gone With The Draft1938-41
92Jumpin' With The Mop1938-41
93Jam Man1938-41
94Let's Try Again1938-41
95Fudge Wudge1938-41
96Smokey Joe1938-41
97Windy City Boogie Woogie1938-41
98This Side Up1938-41
99Ode To A Wild Clam1938-41