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Fats Waller & Rhythm - The Last Years
Label: Bluebird   Label-Nummer: ND 90411
Recording: 1940-43   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 3
Irving AshbyUSg,
Herman AutreyUStp,
Bob CarrollUSts,
Benny CarterUSas, cl, tp,
Al CaseyUSg,
Lawrence FieldsUSas,
Herb FlemmingUStb,
John HamiltonUStp,
Ray HoganUStb,
George JamesUSas, bar, cl, ss,
Slick JonesUSd,
Dave McRaeUSbar,
Alton MooreUStb,
Kathryn PerryUSvoc,
Gene PorterUSas, bar, cl,
Jimmy PowellUSas,
Gene SedricUScl, ts,
Zutty SingletonUSd,
John SmithUSg,
Slam StewartUSb, voc,
Joseph Lewis "Joe" ThomasUStp,
Arthur TrappierUSd,
Cedric WallaceUSb,
Thomas Fats WallerUSorg, p, voc,
Bob WilliamsUStp,
Nat WilliamsUStp,
George WilsonUStb,
1Old Grand Dad1940-43
2Fat And Greasy1940-43
3Little Curly Hair In A High Chair1940-43
4Square From Delaware1940-43
5You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business1940-43
6Too Tired1940-43
7Send Me Jackson1940-43
8Eep, Ipe, Wanna Piece Of Pie1940-43
9Stop Pretending1940-43
10I'll Never Smile Again1940-43
11My Mommie Sent Me To The Store1940-43
12Dry Bones1940-43
13Fats Waller's Original E Flat Blues1940-43
14Stayin' At Home1940-43
15Hey! Stop Kissin' My Sister1940-43
16Everybody Loves My Baby1940-43
17I'm Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar1940-43
18'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do1940-43
19Abercrombie Had A Zombie1940-43
20Blue Eyes1940-43
22My Melancholy Baby1940-43
24Liver Lip Jones1940-43
25Buckin' The Dice1940-43
26Pantin' In The Panther Room1940-43
27Come Down To Earth, My Angel1940-43
28Shortnin' Bread1940-43
29I Repent1940-43
30Do You Have To Go1940-43
32I Wanna Hear Swing Songs1940-43
33You're Gonna Be Sorry1940-43
34All That Meat And No Potatoes1940-43
35Let's Get Away From It All1940-43
36Twenty Four Robbers1940-43
37I Understand1940-43
38Sad Sap Sucker Am I1940-43
39Headlines In The News1940-43
40Chant Of The Groove1940-43
41Come And Get It1940-43
42Rump Steak Serenade1940-43
43Ain't Nothing To It1940-43
44Oh Baby Sweet Baby1940-43
45Buck Jumpin'1940-43
46That Gets It, Mister Joe1940-43
47The Bells Of San Raquel1940-43
48Bessie, Bessie, Bessie1940-43
49Clarinet Marmalade1940-43
50Winter Weather1940-43
51Cash For Your Trash1940-43
52Don't Give Me That Jive1940-43
53Your Socks Don't Match1940-43
54We Need A Little Love1940-43
55You Must Be Losing Your Mind1940-43
56Really Fine1940-43
57Jitterbug Waltz1940-43
58By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1940-43
59Swing Out To Victory1940-43
60Up Jumped You With Love1940-43
61Romance A La Mode1940-43
62Moppin' And Boppin'1940-43
63Ain't Misbehavin'1940-43