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T-Bone Walker - The Complete Recordings Excl. 6 CD-Box mit illustr. Booklet
Label: Mosaic Records   Label-Nummer: MD6-130
Recording: 1940-54   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 6
Lee AllenUSts,
Dave BartholomewUStp, voc,
Oscar BradleyUSd,
Tiny BrownUSb, voc,
Teddy BucknerUStp, voc,
Paul CampbellUStp,
Frank ClarkeUSb,
Cornelius ColemanUSd,
Dave ColemanUSd,
Walter CoxUSts,
Eddie "Lockjaw" DavisUSts,
John W. DavisUSb,
Maxwell DavisUSts,
Jud De NautUSb,
Wendell DucongeUSas,
Allen DurhamUStb,
Arthur EdwardsUSb,
Frank FieldsUSb,
T.J. FowlerUSp,
Lloyd GlennUSp,
Lee GrossUSas,
Billy HadnottUSb,
Edward HaleUSas,
Herb HardestyUSbar,
Les HiteUSas, bar,
Roger HurdUSts,
Eddie HutchersonUStp,
Henry IvoryUSb,
Tommy "Crow" KahnUSp,
Red KellyUStp,
Al KillianUStp,
Zell KindredUSp,
John LawtonUStp,
Quedillas MartinUSts,
Willard McDanielUSp,
Jack McVeaUSas, bar, ts,
Sol MooreUSbar,
Al MorganUSb,
Bumps MyersUSas, ts,
Walter NelsonUSg,
George OrendorffUStp,
Frank PasleyUSg,
Forrest PowellUStp,
R.S. RankinUSg,
Robert "Snake" SimsUSd,
Freddie SlackUSp,
Clarence StampUSd,
Rabon TarrantUSd, voc,
Jack TrainorUStp,
Floyd TurnhamUSas, bar, cl, ts,
Nat WalkerUSp,
T-Bone WalkerUSg, voc,
Walter WilliamsUStp,
Britt WoodmanUStb,
Buddy WoodsonUSb,
Jim WynnUSbar, ts,
Marl YoungUSp,
1T-Bone Blues1940-54
2I Got A Break Baby1940-54
3Mean Old World1940-54
4Low Down Dirty Shame Blues1940-54
5Sail On Boogie1940-54
6I'm Still In Love With You1940-54
7You Don't Love Me Blues1940-54
8T-Bone Boogie1940-54
9Mean Old World Blues1940-54
11My Baby Left Me1940-54
12Come Back To Me Baby1940-54
13I Can't Stand Being Without You1940-54
14She Is Going To Ruin Me1940-54
15No Worry Blues1940-54
16Don't Leave Me Baby1940-54
17Bobby Sox Blues1940-54
18I'm Gonna Find My Baby1940-54
19I'm In An Awful Mood1940-54
20It's A Low Down Dirty Deal1940-54
21Don't Give Me The Runaround1940-54
22Hard Pain Blues1940-54
23I Know Your Wig Is Gone1940-54
24T-Bone Jumps Again1940-54
25Call It Stormy Monday1940-54
26She Had To Let Me Down1940-54
27She's My Old Time Used To Be1940-54
28Dream Girl Blues1940-54
29Midnight Blues1940-54
30Long Lost Lover Blues1940-54
31Triflin' Woman Blues1940-54
32Long Skirt Baby Blues1940-54
33Goodbye Blues1940-54
34Too Much Trouble Blues1940-54
35I'm Waiting For Your Call1940-54
36Hypin' Woman Blues1940-54
37So Blue Blues1940-54
38On Your Way Blues1940-54
39The Natural Blues1940-54
40That's Better For Me1940-54
41First Love Blues1940-54
42Lonesome Woman Blues1940-54
43Vacation Blues1940-54
44Inspiration Blues1940-54
45Description Blues1940-54
46T-Bone Shuffle1940-54
47That Old Feeling Is Gone1940-54
48The Time Seems So Long1940-54
49Prison Blues1940-54
50Home Town Blues1940-54
51Wise Man Blues1940-54
52Misfortune Blues1940-54
53I Wish You Were Mine1940-54
54I'm Gonna Move You Out And Get Somebody.1940-54
55She's The No Sleepin'est Woman1940-54
56Plain Old Down Home Blues1940-54
57Born To Be No Good1940-54
58Go Back To The One You Love1940-54
59I Want A Little Girl1940-54
60You're My Best Poker Hand1940-54
61West Side Baby1940-54
62Glamour Girl1940-54
63Strollin' With Bone1940-54
64The Sun Went Down1940-54
65You Don't Love Me1940-54
66Travelin' Blues1940-54
67The Hustle Is On1940-54
68Baby Broke My Heart1940-54
69Evil Hearted Woman1940-54
70I Walked Away1940-54
71No Reason1940-54
72Look Me In The Eye1940-54
73Too Lazy1940-54
74Alimony Blues1940-54
75Life Is Too Short1940-54
76You Don't Understand1940-54
77Welcome Blues1940-54
78I Get So Weary1940-54
79You Just Wanted To Use Me1940-54
80Tell Me What's The Reason1940-54
81I'm About To Lose My Mind1940-54
82Cold Cold Feeling1940-54
83News For My Baby1940-54
84Get These Blues Off Me1940-54
85I Got The Blues Again1940-54
86Through With Women1940-54
87Street Walking Woman1940-54
88Blues Is A Woman1940-54
89I Got The Blues1940-54
90Here In The Dark1940-54
91Blue Mood1940-54
93I Miss You Baby1940-54
94Lollie You1940-54
95Party Girl1940-54
96Love Is A Gamble1940-54
97High Society1940-54
98Long Distance Blues1940-54
99Got No Use For You1940-54
100Railroad Station Blues1940-54
101Vida Lee1940-54
102My Baby Is Now On My Mind1940-54
103Doin' Time1940-54
104Bye Bye Baby1940-54
105When The Sun Goes Down1940-54
106Pony Tail1940-54
107Wandering Heart1940-54
108I'll Always Be In Love With You1940-54
109I'll Understand1940-54
110Hard Way1940-54
111Teen Age Baby1940-54
112Strugglin' Blues1940-54