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Fats Waller - The Middle Years #1
Label: Bluebird   Label-Nummer: 6366083 2
Recording: 1936-38   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 3
William AlsopUSas, cl,
Herman AutreyUStp,
Ceele BurkeUSbjo, g,
Paul CampbellUStp,
Al CaseyUSg,
John HamiltonUStp,
John HaughtonUStb,
Slick JonesUSd,
Al MorganUSb,
Jimmy PowellUSas,
Caughey RobertsUSas, cl,
George RobinsonUStb,
Gene SedricUScl, ts,
Lonnie SimmonsUScl, ts,
Fred SkerrittUSas, bar,
Charles TurnerUSb,
Cedric WallaceUSb,
Thomas Fats WallerUSorg, p, voc,
Nat WilliamsUStp,
Lee YoungUSd,
1Having A Ball1936-38
2I'm Sorry I Made You Cry1936-38
3Who's Afraid Of Love?1936-38
4Please Keep Me In Your Dreams1936-38
5One In A Million1936-38
7You're Laughing At Me1936-38
8I Can't Break The Habit Of You1936-38
9Did Anyone Ever Tell You1936-38
10When Love Is Young1936-38
11The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss1936-38
12Cryin' Mood1936-38
13Where Is The Sun?1936-38
14Old Plantation1936-38
15To A Sweet Pretty Thing1936-38
16You've Been Reading My Mail1936-38
17Spring Cleaning1936-38
18You Showed Me The Way1936-38
20The Love Bug Will Bite You1936-38
21San Anton'1936-38
22I've Got A New Lease On Love1936-38
23Sweet Heartache1936-38
24Honeysuckle Rose1936-38
26Don't You Know Or Don't You Care1936-38
27Lost Love1936-38
28I'm Gonna Put You In Your Place1936-38
29Blue Turning Grey Over You1936-38
30You've Got Me Under Your Thumb1936-38
31Beat It Out1936-38
32Our Love Was Meant To Be1936-38
33I'd Rather Call You Baby1936-38
34I'm Always In The Mood For You1936-38
35She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Terrific1936-38
36You're My Dish1936-38
37More Power To You1936-38
38How Can I?1936-38
39The Joint Is Jumpin'1936-38
40A Hopeless Love Affair1936-38
41What Will I Do In The Morning1936-38
42How Ya Baby?1936-38
43Jealous Of Me1936-38
44Every Day's A Holiday1936-38
46My Window Faces The South1936-38
47Am I In Another World1936-38
48Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloha1936-38
49My First Impression Of You1936-38
50Something Tells Me1936-38
51I Love To Whistle1936-38
52You Went To My Head1936-38
53Florida Flo1936-38
54Lost And Found1936-38
55Don't Try To Cry Your Way Back To Me1936-38
56In The Gloaming1936-38
57You Had An Evening To Spare1936-38
58Let's Break The Good News1936-38
60I Simply Adore You1936-38
61The Sheik Of Araby1936-38
62Hold My Hand1936-38