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Bessie Smith - Jazz Greats : Bessie Smith
Label: mc   Label-Nummer: 038
Recording: 1923 - 1933   US   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUSco,
James P. JohnsonUSp,
Bessie SmithUSvoc,
1-1Back Water Blues17.02.1927
1-2Cake Walkin' Babies05.05.1925
1-3Young Woman Blues26.10.1926
1-4Preachin' The Blues17.02.1927
1-5St.Louis Blues14.01.1925
1-6There'll Be A Hot Time ...02.03.1927
1-7Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out15.05.1929
1-8Careless Love Blues26.05.1925
1-9Lock And Key01.04.1927
1-10Yellow Dog Blues06.05.1925
1-11On Revival Day09.06.1930
1-12'tain't Nobody's Business If I Do26.04.1923
1-13Poor Man's Blues24.08.1928
1-14New Orleans Hop Scop Blues27.03.1930
1-15A Good Man Is Hard To Find27.09.1927
1-16I'm Wild About That Thing08.05.1929
1-17Gimme A Pigfoot24.11.1933
1-18Do Your Duty24.11.1933
1-19See See Rider Blues24.11.1933
1-20Down Hearted Blues24.11.1933