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Honkers & Bar Walkers - Vol.1
Label: Delmark Records   Label-Nummer: DD-438
Recording: 1949 - 1959   US   Chicago / Linden / Atlanta / New York
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Ray AbramsUSts,
Paul BascombUSts,
Teddy BrannonUSp,
Jimmy CoeUSts,
Cozy Eggleston ts,
Jimmy ForrestUSts,
Fred JacksonUSts,
Earl Johson ts,
Fats Noel ts,
Doc Sausage d,
Tab SmithUSas,
Chris WoodsUSas,
1-1Night Train27.11.1951
1-2Everybody Get Together31.10.1949
1-3Mixin' With Dixon31.10.1949
1-4Cozy's Beat23.08.1952
1-5Big Heavy23.08.1952
1-6Because Of You28.08.1951
1-7Ace High15.09.1952
1-8After Hours Joint01.02.1953
1-9Fast Blues01.02.1953
1-10Sausage Rock02.01.1950
1-11Sentimental Blues31.12.1959
1-12Duck Fever31.12.1959
1-13Cool One-groove Two19.11.1952
1-14You Belong To Me19.11.1952
1-15Duck Soup26.08.1952
1-16Wish You Were Here26.08.1952
1-17High Tide26.08.1952
1-18Pink Cadillac26.08.1952
1-19Blues And The Beat26.08.1952
1-20More Blues - More Beat26.08.1952
1-21My Buddy26.08.1952
1-22Flight 3-d26.08.1952