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Red Nichols & Napoleon Phil - New York Horns (1923-1931)
Label: RCA   Label-Nummer: NL 89 606
Recording: 1924 - 1927   US   N.Y.
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 1
Tex BrewsterUScl,
Chuck CampbellUStb,
Tony ColucciUSbjo,
Russell Deppe bjo,
Jimmy DorseyUSas, cl,
Jack Hansen tub,
George Henkel as, cl, ss, ts,
Edward Kilfeather p,
Willie Lanin p,
Milfred Miff MoleUStb,
Red NicholsUSco,
Johnny O'Donnell as, cl,
George Olsen d, ld,
Dave Phennig as, cl, ss, ts,
William Priest bjo,
Floyd Rice co,
Art SchuttUSp,
"Buck" Yoder as, cl, ss, ts,
1-1He's The Hottest Man In Town16.05.1924
1-2Sally Lou05.06.1924
1-3A Knew Kind Of Man05.06.1924
1-4You'll Never Get To Heaven With Those Eyes26.06.1924
1-5Beale Street Blues26.06.1924
1-6My Papa Doesn't Two-time No Time25.07.1924
1-7Melancholy Lou25.07.1924
1-8Don't Wake Me Up Let Me Dream29.09.1925
1-11Davenport Blues11.02.1927
1-12I'm Coming Virginia11.02.1927
1-13Side By Side29.04.1927
1-14Slippin' Around29.04.1927
1-15Feeling No Pain12.10.1927
1-17Make My Cot Where The Cot......26.10.1927
1-18Harlem Twist26.10.1927
1-19Five Pennies26.10.1927
1-20That's Where The South Begins26.10.1927
1-21I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-eyed...26.10.1927
1-22At Last I'm Happy26.10.1927
1-23If You Haven't Got A Girl26.10.1927
1-24'tain't Nobodys's Biz-ness If I Do26.10.1927
1-25A Blues Serenade26.10.1927
1-26Off To Buffalo26.10.1927
1-27Clarinet Marmalade26.10.1927
1-28Take Your Finger Out Of Your....26.10.1927
1-30Red Head26.10.1927
1-31Playing The Blues26.10.1927
1-32I'm In The Jailhouse Now26.10.1927
1-33Mean To Me26.10.1927
1-34My Kinda Love26.10.1927
1-35Gettin' Hot26.10.1927
1-37You Can't Cheat A Cheater26.10.1927