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Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - Louis Jordan Rockin' And Jivin' Vol.2
Label: Bear Family Rec.   Label-Nummer: BFX 15207
Recording: 1957   US   New York
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 1
Irving AshbyUSg,
Jackie DavisUSorg,
Billy HadnottUSb,
Louis JordanUSas, voc,
Marvin OliverUSd,
Austin Powell ts, voc,
Dorothy SmithUSvoc,
1-1The Jamf28.08.1957
1-2Saturday Night Fish Fry28.08.1957
1-3I Never Had A Chance28.08.1957
1-4Got My Mojo Working28.08.1957
1-6Sweet Lorraine28.08.1957
1-7The Slop28.08.1957
1-8I Hadn't Anyone Till You28.08.1957
1-9The Nearness Of You28.08.1957
1-10Because Of You28.08.1957
1-11A Man Ain't A Man28.08.1957
1-12I' Ve Found My Peace Of Mind28.08.1957
1-13Sweet Hunk Of Junk28.08.1957
1-14I Love You So28.08.1957
1-15Wish I Could Make Some Money28.08.1957
1-16That's What True Love Can Do28.08.1957
1-17I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire28.08.1957
1-18A Day Away From You28.08.1957
1-19Route 6628.08.1957
1-20I Cried For You28.08.1957