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Lena Horne - The Lasy And Her Music
Label: QWEST   Label-Nummer: 3597
Recording: 1981   US   New York / Los Angeles
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 1
Wayne AndréUStb,
Danny BankUSreeds,
Steve Bargonetti g,
Michael BreckerUSreeds,
Cecil BridgewaterUStp,
Bob CranshawUSb,
Glenn DrewesUStp,
Jon FaddisUStp,
Frank GordonUStp,
Peter GordonUSfrh,
Craig HarrisUStb,
Lena HorneUSvoc,
Anthony JacksonUSb,
Jack JeffersUStb,
Lou MariniUSreeds,
John D. Parron reeds,
Leon PendarvisUSkeyb,
Romeo PenqueUSreeds,
Pat RebillotUSkeyb,
Mike RenziUSkeyb,
Roger RosenbergUSreeds,
Mort Silver reeds,
Warren Smith perc,
Grady TateUSd,
Dave Malcome TaylorUStp,
Ron TooleyUStp,
Linda Twine keyb,
Harold VickUSreeds,
George YoungUSreeds,
1-2Act I31.12.1981
1-3I Got A Name31.12.1981
1-4I'm Glad There Is You31.12.1981
1-5I Want To Be Happy31.12.1981
1-6Cotton Club Revue:31.12.1981
1-7-copper Colored Gal31.12.1981
1-8-raisin' The Rent31.12.1981
1-9-as Long As I Live31.12.1981
1-10-lady With The Fan31.12.1981
1-11Lena's Dialogue (Cotton Club)31.12.1981
1-12Where Or When31.12.1981
1-13Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man31.12.1981
1-14Just One Of Those Things31.12.1981
1-15Stormy Weather (Part I)31.12.1981
1-17Lena's Dialogue (Broadway)31.12.1981
1-18Push The Button31.12.1981
1-19The Lady Is A Tramp31.12.1981
1-20Yesterday, When I Was Young31.12.1981
1-21Deed I Do31.12.1981
1-22Life Goes On31.12.1981
1-24Act Ii31.12.1981
1-25Watch What Happens31.12.1981
1-26The Surrey With The Fringe On Top31.12.1981
1-28Bewitched, Brothered And Bew...31.12.1981
1-29A Lady Must Live31.12.1981
1-30Lena's Dialogue (Love This Business)31.12.1981
1-31That What Miracles Are All About31.12.1981
1-32Lena's Dialogue (Early Career)31.12.1981
1-33I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write...31.12.1981
1-34Stormy Weather Part Ii31.12.1981
1-35If You Believe31.12.1981
1-36Curtain Music31.12.1981