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Art Tatum Group - Masterpieces
Label: Pablo   Label-Nummer: 2625-706
Recording: 1955   US   Los Angeles
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 8
Louie BellsonUSd,
George Red CallenderUSb,
Benny CarterUSas,
Buddy DeFrancoUScl,
Bill DouglassUSd,
Harry "Sweets" EdisonUStp,
Roy EldridgeUStp,
Lionel HamptonUSvib,
Jo JonesUSd,
Barney KesselUSg,
Buddy RichUSd,
John SimmonsUSb,
Alvin StollerUSd,
Art TatumUSp,
Ben WebsterUSts,
1-1What Is This Thing Called Love01.08.1955
1-2I'll Never Be The Same01.08.1955
1-3Makin' Whoopee01.08.1955
1-6More Than You Know01.08.1955
1-7How High The Moon01.08.1955
2-1Verve Blues07.09.1955
2-3Somebody Loves Me07.09.1955
2-4September Song07.09.1955
2-5Deep Purple07.09.1955
3-1Night And Day31.03.1955
3-2I Won't Dance31.03.1955
3-3In A Sentimental Mood31.03.1955
3-4The Moon Is Low31.03.1955
3-5Moon Song31.03.1955
3-6You Took Advantage Of Me31.03.1955
3-7This Can't Be Love31.03.1955
3-8I Surrender Dear31.03.1955
4-1Blues In C25.06.1954
4-3Under A Blanket Of Blue25.06.1954
4-4Blues In B Flat25.06.1954
4-5A Foggy Day25.06.1954
4-6Street Of Dreams25.06.1954
4-7S' Wonderful25.06.1954
5-1Makin' Whoopee25.06.1954
5-2Old Fashioned Love25.06.1954
5-3I'm Left With The Blues In My Heart25.06.1954
5-4My Blue Heaven25.06.1954
5-5Hands Across The Table25.06.1954
5-6You're Mine You25.06.1954
6-1Deep Night06.02.1956
6-2This Can't Be Love06.02.1956
6-3Memories Of You06.02.1956
6-4Once In A While06.02.1956
6-5A Foggy Day06.02.1956
6-6Lover Man06.02.1956
6-7You're Mine You06.02.1956
6-8Makin' Whoopee06.02.1956
7-1Just One Of Those Things27.01.1956
7-2More Than You Know27.01.1956
7-3Some Other Spring27.01.1956
7-5Blue Lou27.01.1956
7-6Love For Sale27.01.1956
7-7Isn't It Romantic27.01.1956
7-8I'll Never Be The Same27.01.1956
7-9I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans27.01.1956
7-10Trio Blues27.01.1956
8-1Gone With The Wind11.09.1956
8-2All The Things You Are11.09.1956
8-3Have You Met Miss Jones11.09.1956
8-4My One And Only Love11.09.1956
8-5Night And Day11.09.1956
8-6My Ideal11.09.1956
8-7Where Or When11.09.1956