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Billy Eckstine - Classics
Label: Classics Records   Label-Nummer: Classics 1142
Recording: 1947   US   New York / Los Angeles
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Warren Bracken g, p,
Sonny CrissUSas,
Billy EckstineUSv-tb, voc,
Wardell GrayUSts,
Shifty HenryUSb,
Tim Kennedy d,
Ray LinnUStp,
Gerald ValentineUStb,
1-1What's New21.04.1947
1-2Serenade In Blue21.04.1947
1-3In My Solitude21.04.1947
1-4Sophisticated Lady21.04.1947
1-5I Surrender,Dear30.04.1947
1-6Memories Of You30.04.1947
1-7Our Love30.04.1947
1-8There Are Such Things30.04.1947
1-9Say Isn't It So30.04.1947
1-10I Do,Do You30.04.1947
1-12May I30.04.1947
1-13I'll Be Faithful20.05.1947
1-14Everything I Have Is Yours20.05.1947
1-15Just An Old Love Of Mine20.05.1947
1-16This Is The Inside Story20.05.1947
1-17On The Boulevard Of Memories29.07.1947
1-18Fools Rush In29.07.1947
1-19I'll Never Make The Same Mistake Again29.07.1947
1-21I'm Out To Forget Tonight29.07.1947
1-22The Wildest Gal In Town29.07.1947
1-23I'm Falling For You29.07.1947
1-24Out In The Cold Again29.07.1947