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Stan Kenton - The Compl.Studio Recording
Label: Mosaic Records   Label-Nummer: MD7-163
Recording: 1943-47   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 7
Bob AhernUSg,
Bill AtkinsonUStb,
Chet BallUSas,
Maury BeesonUSbar, ts,
Johnny BockUSd,
Ray BordenUStp,
Emmett CarlsUSts,
John CarrollUStp,
Buddy ChildersUStp,
June ChristyUSvoc,
Gene EnglundUSb, tub,
George FayeUStb,
Harry ForbesUStb,
Karl GeorgeUStp,
Stan GetzUSts,
Bob GiogaUSbar,
Mel GreenUStp,
Gene HowardUSvoc,
Milt KabakUStb,
Stan KentonUSp,
Bob KestersonUSb,
Bob LivelyUSas,
Dave MatthewsUSas, ts,
Eddie MeyersUSas,
Dick MorseUStp,
Boots MussulliUSas, bar, cl,
Anita O'DayUSvoc,
Jesse PriceUSd,
Clyde SingletonUSb,
Bart VarsalonaUStb,
Joe VernonUSd,
Freddie ZitoUStb,
1Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me1943-47
2Eager Beaver1943-47
3Harlem Folk Dance1943-47
4Artistry In Rhythm1943-47
5How Many Hearts Have You Broken?1943-47
6She's Funny That Way1943-47
7I'm Going Mad For A Pad1943-47
8And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine1943-47
9Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart1943-47
10Gotta Be Gettin'1943-47
11Say It Isn't So1943-47
12Every Time We Say Goodbye1943-47
13Are You Livin' Old Man?1943-47
14Balboa Bash1943-47
15Ooh, What I Dreamed About You1943-47
16I Want A Grown Up Man1943-47
17Travelin' Man1943-47
18Around The Town1943-47
20Southern Scandal1943-47
21Opus In Pastels1943-47
22It's Been A Long, Long Time1943-47
23Don't Let Me Dream1943-47
24Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'1943-47
25Artistry Jumps1943-47
26Painted Rhythm1943-47
27Blue Music1943-47
28Body And Soul1943-47
29We'll Be Together Again1943-47
30Easy Street1943-47
31On The Sunny Side Of The Street1943-47
32I Surrender Dear1943-47
33Begin The Beguine1943-47
34Two Moose In A Caboose1943-47
36No Baby, Nobody But You1943-47
37Never Too Late To Pray1943-47
38Tea For Two1943-47
39One Twenty1943-47
40Don't Blame Me1943-47
41Intermission Riff1943-47
42It Ain't Nessessarily So1943-47
43I Never Thought I'd Sing The Blues1943-47
44Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy1943-47
45I Been Down In Texas1943-47
46All The Time1943-47
47That's The Least You Can Do1943-47
48Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days...1943-47
49Rika Jika Jack1943-47
50Artistry In Boogie1943-47
51Come Back To Sorrento1943-47
52Who's Got A Tent For Rent1943-47
53I Got The Sun In The Morning1943-47
54Peg O'My Heart1943-47
55Come Rain Or Come Shine1943-47
56They Say It's Wonderful1943-47
57I Don't Know Why1943-47
58He's Funny That Way1943-47
60Ain't No Misery In Me1943-47
61Artistry In Percussion1943-47
63Artistry In Bolero1943-47
64Until The Real Thing Comes Along1943-47
65I'm Yours1943-47
67I've Got The World On A String1943-47
69End Of The World1943-47
70More Than You Know1943-47
71Reed Rapture1943-47
72You May Not Love Me1943-47
74I'd Be Lost Without You1943-47
75Lover Man1943-47
76Scotch And Water1943-47
77Cocktails For Two1943-47
78Everybody Swing1943-47
79It's A Pity To Say Goodnight1943-47
80Willow Weep For Me1943-47
82Concerto To End All Concertos1943-47
84Don't Want That Man Around1943-47
85His Feet Too Big For De Bed1943-47
86After You1943-47
87Down In Chihuahua1943-47
89Rhythm Incorporated1943-47
90No Greater Love1943-47
91Across The Alley From The Alamo1943-47
92How Am I To Know!1943-47
93The Spider And The Fly1943-47
94Minor Riff1943-47
97Artistry In Harlem Swing1943-47
98Please Be Kind1943-47
99I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good1943-47
100By The River Sainte Marie1943-47
101April In Paris1943-47
102Don't Worry About Me1943-47
103If I Could Be With You1943-47
104Sophisticated Lady1943-47
105The Fatal Apple1943-47
106Elegy For Alto1943-47
107Soothe Me1943-47
108Chorale For Brass, Piano And Bongo1943-47
110Theme To The West1943-47
112Fugue For Rhythm Section1943-47
113Unison Riff1943-47
115Introduction To A Latin Rhythm1943-47
117I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out1943-47
118He Was A Good Man As Good Men Go1943-47
119Cuban Carnival1943-47
120The Peanut Vendor1943-47
121Lonely Woman1943-47
123Metronome Riff1943-47
124Journey To Brazil1943-47
125How High The Moon1943-47
126Harlem Holiday1943-47
127This Is My Theme1943-47
128Bongo Riff1943-47