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Various - The 1940s Mercury Sess. - Blues, Boogie 172 Titel davon über 100 erstmals auf CD
Various Artists
Label: Mercury   Label-Nummer: 525 609-2
Recording: 1945-51   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 7
Lester AlexisUSd,
Lee AllenUSts,
Tommy AllisonUStp,
Albert AmmonsUSp,
Gene AmmonsUSts,
Lloyd AndersonUSb,
Mildred AndersonUSvoc,
Butch BallardUSd,
Volley BastineUStp,
George BergUScl, ts,
Mike BlanosUSts,
Joe BridgewaterUStp,
Sid BrownUSbar,
Scoville Toby BrowneUSas, cl,
Alvin BurroughsUSd,
Jimmy ButtsUSb, voc,
Red CarmanUSts,
Les ClarkUSas,
Pete ClarkUSas, cl,
Buck ClaytonUStp,
Paul CohenUStp,
Rupert ColeUSas, cl,
Mike ColucchioUSp,
Leon ComegysUStb,
Jack CooleyUSd,
Israel CrosbyUSb,
Fred CulliverUSts,
Ben CurtisUSb,
Clarence DavisUStp,
Fats Oscar DennisUSts,
Frank DominguezUSas,
Tommy DouglasUSas, cl,
Seeward EvansUSts,
Lester FauntleroyUSp,
Harry FergusonUSts,
Percy GabrielUSb,
Gene GriddinsUSg,
Riley HamptonUSas,
John HardeeUSts,
Helen HumesUSvoc,
John HuntUStp,
Sam HysterUStb,
Cooky JacksonUSd,
Jump JacksonUSd,
Willis JacksonUSts,
Arnold JarvisUSp,
Clifford JenkinsUSas,
Gus JohnsonUSd,
Jimmy JohnsonUSb,
Lonnie JohnsonUSg, voc,
Jo JonesUSd,
Louis JosephUSd,
Julia LeeUSp, voc,
John LindsayUSb,
Professor LonghairUSp, voc,
Al LorraineUStb,
Baby LovettUSd,
Mundell LoweUSg,
Eddie MackUSvoc,
Johnny MandelUSb-tb, tp,
Bill MathewsUSvoc,
Pee Wee MathewsUSvoc,
George MatthewsUStb,
Jay McShannUSp, voc,
Bob MerrillUStp,
George MillerUSb,
Orville MinorUStp,
Lenny MirabellaUSg,
Bitsy MullensUStp,
Wilson "Serious" MyersUSb, voc,
Walter NelsonUSg,
Tony NicholsUSp,
Bridget O'FlynnUSd,
Lou OlesUStp,
Mary OsborneUSg,
Walter PageUSb,
Bill ParkerUSts,
Sylvester Vess PayneUSd,
Romeo PenqueUSas, cl, fl, ts,
Ike PerkinsUSg,
Bay PerryUSd,
Lee PopeUSts,
Crown Price WaterfordUSvoc,
Jesse PriceUSd,
Jimmy PupaUStp,
Roger Ram RamirezUSp,
Marvin RandolphUStp,
Batman RankinUSts,
Dorothy ReidUSvoc,
Buddy RichUSd,
Mickey RichUSts,
Red RodneyUSflh, tp,
June RotenbergUSb,
Aaron SachsUSas, cl,
Pinky SavittUStp,
Jack ScottUSg,
Joe ShulmanUSb,
Stafford SimonUSts,
Theodore SmallsUSas,
Arnett SparrowUStb,
Artie StarksUSas, cl,
Rex StewartUSco, tp,
Leonard SwainUSb,
Earl SwopeUStb,
Rip TarrantUStb,
Myra TaylorUSvoc,
Tommy TaylorUSd,
Clark TerryUSflh, tp, voc,
Clarence ThorntonUStp,
Lee TurnerUSas,
Earl Van RiperUSp,
Eddie "Cleanhead" VinsonUSas, voc,
Sippie WallaceUSvoc,
Greely WaltonUSbar, ts,
Efferge WareUSg,
Carl WarwickUStp,
Tiny WebbUSg,
Ben WebsterUSts,
Stumpy WhitlockUStp,
Cootie WilliamsUStp,
Mary Lou WilliamsUSp,
Rudy WilliamsUSas, bar, ts,
Sandy WilliamsUStb,
Teddy WilsonUSp,
Jimmy WitherspoonUSvoc,
1Bedroom Blues1945-51
2Buzz Me1945-51
3Doin' The Boogie Woogie1945-51
4Oh Lady Be Good1945-51
5Suitcase Blues1945-51
6Boogie Woogie At The Civic Opera1945-51
7Swanee River Boogie1945-51
8Why I'm Leaving You1945-51
9I Don't Want To See You1945-51
10Red Sails In The Sunset1945-51
11Kilroy Boogie1945-51
12Deep In The Heart Of Texas Boogie1945-51
13Sweet Patooty Boogie1945-51
14Twelfth Street Rag1945-51
15St.Louis Blues1945-51
16Shufflin' The Boogie1945-51
17S.P. Blues1945-51
19Roses Of Picardy1945-51
20The Sheik Of Araby1945-51
21You Are My Sunshine1945-51
22In A Little Spanish Town1945-51
24Tuxedo Boogie1945-51
25Mr. Bell Boogie1945-51
26Bear Den Boogie1945-51
27Rhythm Boogie1945-51
28Ammons Stomp1945-51
29Baltimore Breakdown1945-51
30When You And I Were Young Maggie1945-51
31The Clipper1945-51
32Jet Propelled Papa1945-51
33Blue And Sentimental1945-51
34I Just Refuse To Sing The Blues1945-51
35They Raided The Joint1945-51
36Mad About You1945-51
37Jumpin' On Sugar Hill1945-51
38Today I Sing The Blues1945-51
39Time Out For Tears1945-51
40Married Man Blues1945-51
41Somebody Loves Me1945-51
42Don't Fall In Love With Me1945-51
43I've Got The Strangest Feeling1945-51
45Hootie Boogie1945-51
46Garfield Avenue Blues1945-51
47Crown Prince Boogie1945-51
48Shipyard Woman Blues1945-51
50Bucktown Boogie1945-51
51Roll On, Katy1945-51
52Voodoo Woman Blues1945-51
53I Want A Little Girl1945-51
54Jimtown Boogie1945-51
55Have You Ever Loved A Woman1945-51
56Gone With The Blues1945-51
57Barfly Blues1945-51
58Please Stop Playing Those Blues, Boy1945-51
59All My Geets Are Gone1945-51
60Strange Woman Blues1945-51
61W.B. Blues1945-51
62Sloppy Drunk1945-51
63Lovin' A Beggar1945-51
64Just Thinkin'1945-51
65You Didn't Tell Me1945-51
66Got You Beggin'1945-51
67Duke And The Brute1945-51
69Cherry Red1945-51
70Somebody's Gotta Go1945-51
71Too Many Women1945-51
72Just A Dream1945-51
73Mr. Cleanhead Steps Out1945-51
74It's A Groovy Affair1945-51
75I've Been So Good1945-51
76Juice Head Baby1945-51
77Cleanhead Blues1945-51
78When A Woman Loves Her Juice1945-51
79Kidney Stew Blues1945-51
80King For A Day Blues1945-51
81Old Maid Boogie1945-51
82Lazy Gal1945-51
83Bonus Pay1945-51
84Luxury Tax Blues1945-51
85Railroad Porter's Blues1945-51
86Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From1945-51
87When I Get Drunk1945-51
88Oil Man Blues1945-51
89Ever-Ready Blues1945-51
90Wrong Girl Blues1945-51
91Wandering Mind Blues1945-51
92Have You Ever Missed Your Baby1945-51
93Some Woman Do1945-51
94Alimony Blues1945-51
95High Class Baby1945-51
96I Took The Front Door In1945-51
97Friday Fish Fry1945-51
99Her Mind Is Gone1945-51
101Hey Now Baby1945-51
102Oh Well1945-51
103Byrd's Blues1945-51
104Hadacol Bounce1945-51
105Longhair Stomp1945-51
106Been Foolin' Around1945-51
107Between The Night And Day1945-51
108If It's Good1945-51
109Show Me Missouri Blues1945-51
110Lotus Blossom1945-51
111Dream Lucky Blues1945-51
112Take It Easy, Greasy1945-51
113Tell Your Best Friend Nothin'1945-51
114The Spider And The Fly1945-51
115Still Blue Water1945-51
116Boy Meets Horn1945-51
117Jug Blues1945-51
118B.O. Blues1945-51
119That's Rhythm1945-51
120Dateless Brown1945-51
121You Got Me Cryin' Again1945-51
122Desperate Desmond1945-51
123It Couldn't Be True1945-51
124Quiet Riot1945-51
125Baby, Baby All The Time1945-51
126Route 661945-51
127The Iggity Song1945-51
128It's About Time1945-51
129Ready To Go Steady1945-51
130Rich-ual Dance1945-51
131Oop Bop Sha Bam1945-51
132You Talk A Little Trash1945-51
134I Love You, Yes I Do1945-51
135Smooth Sailing1945-51
136Gator Tail1945-51
137Let 'Em Roll1945-51
138Slidin' And Glidin'1945-51
139Mercenary Papa1945-51
140You Got To Pay Those Dues1945-51
141Three O'Clock In The Morning1945-51
142Just An Idea1945-51
143Just You, Just Me1945-51