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Fats Waller - The Middle Years #2 A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Label: Bluebird   Label-Nummer: 6366552 2
Recording: 1938-40   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 3
William AlsopUSas, cl,
Herman AutreyUStp,
Una-Mae CarlisleUSp, voc,
Al CaseyUSg,
Chauncey GrahamUSts,
John HamiltonUStp,
John HaughtonUStb,
Larry HintonUSd,
Slick JonesUSd,
Jimmy PowellUSas,
George RobinsonUStb,
Gene SedricUScl, ts,
Lonnie SimmonsUScl, ts,
Fred SkerrittUSas, bar,
John SmithUSg,
Cedric WallaceUSb,
Thomas Fats WallerUSorg, p, voc,
Nat WilliamsUStp,
1In The Gloaming1938-40
2I Simply Adore You1938-40
3The Sheik Of Araby1938-40
4Hold My Hand1938-40
6There's Honey On The Moon Tonight1938-40
7If I Were You1938-40
8The Wide Open Places1938-40
9On The Bumpy Road To Love1938-40
10Fair And Square1938-40
11We, The People1938-40
12Two Sleepy People1938-40
14I'll Never Forgive Myself1938-40
15You Look Good To Me1938-40
16Tell Me With Your Kisses1938-40
17Yacht Club Swing1938-40
18Love, I'd Give My Life For You1938-40
19I Wish I Had You1938-40
20I'll Dance At Your Wedding1938-40
21Imagine My Surprise1938-40
22I Won't Believe It1938-40
23The Spider And The Fly1938-40
24Patty Cake, Patty Cake1938-40
25A Good Man Is Hard To Find1938-40
26You Outsmarted Yourself1938-40
27Last Night A Miracle Happened1938-40
28Good For Nothing But Love1938-40
29Hold Tight1938-40
30Kiss Me With Your Eyes1938-40
31You Asked For It, You Got It1938-40
32Some Rainy Day1938-40
33'Tain't What You Do1938-40
34Got No Time1938-40
35Step Up And Shake My Hand1938-40
37Remember Who You're Promised To1938-40
38Honey Hush1938-40
39I Used To Love You1938-40
40You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dream1938-40
42What A Pretty Miss1938-40
43Squeeze Me1938-40
44Bless You1938-40
45It's The Tune That Counts1938-40
47Who'll Take My Place1938-40
48Bond Street1938-40
49It's You Who Taught It To Me1938-40
50Suitcase Susie1938-40
51Your Feet's Too Big1938-40
52You're Lettin' The Grass Grow Under...1938-40
53Darktown Strutters Ball1938-40
54I Can't Give You Anything But Love1938-40
55Swinga-Dilla Street1938-40
56At Twilight1938-40
57Oh Frenchy1938-40
58Cheatin' On Me1938-40
59Black Maria1938-40
60Mighty Fine1938-40
61The Moon Is Low1938-40