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Amos Milburn - Compl.Alladin Recordings
Label: Mosaic Records   Label-Nummer: MD7-155
Recording: 1946-57   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 7
Justin AdamsUSg,
Lee AllenUSts,
Adolphus AlsbrookUSb,
John AndersonUStp,
Irving AshbyUSg,
Bob BainUSg,
Mickey BakerUSg, voc,
Wayne BennettUSg,
Oscar BradleyUSd,
Tina BrooksUSts,
John BrownBRbjo, g,
Dave BryantUSb,
George Red CallenderUSb, tub,
Eddie ChambleeUSas, ts,
Harper CosbyUSb,
Maxwell DavisUSts,
Donald DeanUSd,
Bill DouglassUSd,
Clyde DunnUSts,
Harry "Sweets" EdisonUStp,
Joe EvansUSbar,
John "Streamline" EwingUStb,
Frank FieldsUSb,
Arthur FoxallUSts,
Ernie FreemanUSp,
Jewell GrantUSas, bar,
Ralph HamiltonUSb,
Herbie HarperUStb,
Al HendricksonUSg,
Billy HillUSp, ts, voc,
Milt HollandUSd, perc,
Plas JohnsonUSfl, ts,
Harry Parr JonesUStp,
Rufus Speedy JonesUSd,
Harry KleeUSas, fl,
Lawrence MarableUSd,
Jack MarshallUSg,
Ray MartinezUSd,
Willard McDanielUSp,
Eldeen McIntoshUSd,
Claude McLinUSts,
Amos MilburnUSp, voc,
Tiny MitchellUSg,
Johnny B. MooreUSg,
Bumps MyersUSas, ts,
Lawrence NormanUSd,
Chuck NorrisUSg,
Earl PalmerUSd,
Gene PhillipsUSg,
Leroy RobinsonUSas, bar,
Arnold RossUSp,
Isaac RoyalUSp,
Jesse SailesUSd,
Willie SimpsonUSbar,
Willie SmithUSas, bar, cl, voc,
Clifford SolomonUSts,
Arnett SparrowUStb,
Floyd TurnhamUSas, bar, cl, ts,
Red TylerUSbar, ts,
Calvin VaughnUSd,
Noble WattsUSts,
Don WilkersonUScl, ts,
Leonard Sonny WilliamsUSb,
Paul WilliamsUSas, bar,
Lee YoungUSd,
1After Midnight1946-57
2My Baby's Boogying1946-57
3Darling How Long1946-57
4Down The Road A Piece1946-57
5Amos' Blues1946-57
6Amos' Boogie1946-57
7Don't Beg Me1946-57
8Operation Blues1946-57
9Cinch Blues1946-57
10Everything I Do Is Wrong1946-57
11My Love Is Limited1946-57
12Blues At Sundown1946-57
13Money Hustlin' Woman1946-57
14Sad And Blue1946-57
15That's My Kick1946-57
16I've Tried To Prove My Love, Dear1946-57
17Mean Woman1946-57
18Aladdin Boogie1946-57
19Nickel Plated Baby1946-57
20Real Gone1946-57
21Rainy Weather Blues1946-57
22Train Whistle Blues1946-57
23What Could I Do1946-57
24Bye Bye Boogie1946-57
25Pot Luck Boogie1946-57
26It's A Married Woman1946-57
27My Tortured Mind1946-57
28Don't Tell Her1946-57
29Hold Me Baby1946-57
30Chicken Shack Boogie1946-57
31Rapture In Bloom1946-57
32Hard Driving Blues1946-57
33I'm Gonna Leave You1946-57
34I Love Her1946-57
35Pool-Playing Blues1946-57
36Hen Party1946-57
37Rocky Road Blues1946-57
38Lonesome For The Blues1946-57
39Slow Down Blues1946-57
40Anybody's Blues1946-57
41It Took A Long, Long Time1946-57
42Wolf On The River1946-57
43I Still Love You1946-57
44Frank's Blues1946-57
45Empty Arms Blues1946-57
47A & M Blues1946-57
48In The Middle Of The Night1946-57
49Won't You Kinda Think It Over1946-57
50Jitterbug Fashion Parade1946-57
51Where Are You?1946-57
52My Luck Is Bound To Change1946-57
53Roomin' House Boogie1946-57
54Walking Blues1946-57
55Blue And Lonesome1946-57
57Let's Make Christmas Merry Baby1946-57
58Drifting Blues1946-57
59Real Pretty Mama1946-57
60Untitled Boogie1946-57
61Johnson Rag1946-57
62Melting Blues1946-57
63Can't You See What You're Doing To Me1946-57
64Play It Straight Baby1946-57
65Square Dance Boogie1946-57
66Donald's Idea1946-57
67Boogie Woogie1946-57
68Atomic Baby1946-57
69She's Gone Again1946-57
70Just A Fool In Love1946-57
71Tell Me How Long The Train Been Gone1946-57
72Button Your Lip1946-57
73Sax Shack Boogie1946-57
74Birmingham Bounce1946-57
75Let's Rock A While1946-57
76Hard Luck Blues1946-57
77Two Tears Of Torture1946-57
79I'm Gonna Tell My Mama1946-57
80Bad, Bad Whiskey1946-57
81Everybody Clap Hands1946-57
82Tears, Tears, Tears1946-57
83Glory Of Love1946-57
84I Love You Anyway1946-57
85Ain't Nothing Shaking1946-57
86Real Crazy1946-57
87That Was Your Last Mistake-Goodbye1946-57
88Women, Women1946-57
89Just One More Drink1946-57
90Thinking And Drinking1946-57
91Put Something In My Hand1946-57
92Trouble In Mind1946-57
93Squeeze My Blues Away1946-57
94Flying Home1946-57
95Roll Mr. Jelly1946-57
96I Won't Be A Fool Anymore1946-57
97Long, Long Day1946-57
98I'm Still A Fool For You1946-57
100Rocky Mountain1946-57
102Kiss Me Again1946-57
103Rock, Rock, Rock1946-57
104Three Times A Fool1946-57
105Why Don't You Do Right1946-57
106Let Me Go Home Whiskey1946-57
107Please Mr. Johnson1946-57
108Let's Have A Party1946-57
109Without Someone To Call Your Own1946-57
110One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer1946-57
111Sorrowful Heart1946-57
112How Could You Hurt Me So1946-57
113Good, Good Whiskey1946-57
114After Awhile1946-57
115Baby, Baby All The Time1946-57
116Milk And Water1946-57
117One, Two, Three, Everybody1946-57
118That's It1946-57
119Vicious, Vicious Vodka1946-57
120I Done Done It1946-57
121I'm Falling For You1946-57
122My Happiness Depends On You1946-57
123All Is Well1946-57
124House Party1946-57
125I Guess I'll Go1946-57
126I Need Someone1946-57
127Juice, Juice, Juice1946-57
128I'll Be True1946-57
129French Fried Potatoes And Ketchup1946-57
130Every Day Of The Week1946-57
131Girl Of My Dreams1946-57
132Dear Angel1946-57
133Shake, Shake1946-57
134If I Could Be With You1946-57
135We Teenagers Know What We Want1946-57
136Rum And Coca Cola1946-57
137Soft Pillow1946-57
138Thinking Of You Baby1946-57